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About artist
I was born in Kyoto, Japan. Growing up in the beach resort area of Miyazu, a beautiful area of Japan located on the Pacific coast about two hours north of Kyoto, I was influenced in my art by the spectacular scenery. My academic training includes the Art Institute of Boston (1986-1988) and the Art Institute of Alexandria, Virginia (1992-2000). It was in Boston that I realized how the natural beauty of the Japanese seashore is reflected in my vibrant colors and cheerful style. I hope that, like the ocean and the mountains of my childhood in Kyoto, my work instills a sense of tranquility and inner peace, a visual escape from everyday life.

Art Background

1971-1982: Academic Art Education in Kyoto, Japan

1971-1977: Private lessons in Japanese Calligraphy

1986-1988: The Art Institute of Boston (Boston, MA)

1988-present: Work on Japanese rice paper collage, Harie

1992-2000: The Art League, Alexandria, VA

2001-present: the Art Students League of New York

Introduction to Japanese Rice Paper
Many people consider Japanese culture as a culture of wood and paper. We consider Western culture as a culture of stone and soil. The Japanese have been using paper since the Nara period (710-793). Unfortunately, Japanese paper can not be preserved as easily as stone or soil and is therefore more transient. We Japanese view papers as an important part of our culture, and find ways to integrate it into our daily lives by creating our unique small galaxy of beautiful things using paper. The Fusuma (sliding door), Byobu (screen), Andon (lamp), and Shoji (screen door) are examples of these. Japanese paper also contributes to the roots of other Japanese art such as: Sui-boku-ga (Japanese ink drawing); Sho (calligraphy), and wood cut print.
Junko's Artistic Concept
Junko endeavors to introduce and share aspects of Japanese life and culture through her works. She tries to work in a happy and cheerful mood. Working in great detail, she typically uses thousands of small pieces from a wide variety of papers to complete each art piece.

During her stay Japan from 1988-1991 and in subsequent visits Junko does extensive shopping for rare and hard-to-find paper throughout Japan. Additionally, her friends in Japan occasionally send her batches of assorted sheets of paper. In recent years, the selection of papers now available in the U.S. has seen a dramatic increase, much to her delight. Working primarily from individual or a series of photographs as her subject, Junko uses an X-acto knife, Yamato glue (from Japan), rollers, two-sided tape, tweezers, pins, tracing paper, pencil, drawing pad, a cutting pad, and of course many types of paper to complete her works. Her subjects include Japanese and American landscapes and scenery, as well portrait and abstract works. Most of her works are in multi-color, while some portraits are in monochrome.

New York Artist Equity Association Member

OIA (Organization of Independent Artists) Member, NY, NY

The Art Students League of New York

The Artist's Magazine
December, 2003 A Finalist Winner in 20th Annual Art Competition

Manhattan Art International
March, 2003 Award of excellence from the healing power of art

The Artist's Magazine
December, 2000 A Finalist Winner in 20th Annual Art Competition
(in the experimental category)

Manhattan Art International
July-August, 1999 issue.

Manhattan Art International
March-April, 1999 issue

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Show Information

March 30 to April 28, 2018
“Paper Trails”, Group exhibition, Morgan Art of Papermaking Conservatory and Education,
Cleveland, OH

October 26, 2017 to January 30, 2018 "Making Connections II" at Henry De Ford Galery, CitiBank, LIC, NY

August 31 to October 1, 2017
"Making Connections I" at Plaxall Gallery, LIC, NY

June 17 to July 16, 2017
"Beach Element IV"
At Plaxall Gallery
5-25 46 Avenue,
LIC, NY 11101

March 12 to May 7, 2016
"Case Studies"
Topaz Gallery
39th Avenue
Woodside, NY

July 23 to Aug. 15, 2015
"Art from the Boros III"
@Denise Bibro Fine Art, Inc.
Chelsea, NYC

June 24 to Aug.14, 2015
"OIA Summer Salon Show"
Stovall Galleries, 8th Fl.
NYU Kimmel Center, NYC

May 3 to 30, 2015
"Celebrating Queens Artists:LIC-A's 30th Anniversary Exhibition"
The Paper Factory Hotel

May 9 to 30, 2015
"Carnival of Animals"
St. Francis College, Brooklyn, NY

Jan.13 to Feb.26, 2015
"Americas 2015"
Northwest Art Center, ND

December 7, 2014- January, 2015
"Made in Queens"
@Front Street Gallery
Patterson, NY

November 21-December 19, 2014
Junko Collage Show
@Physical Therapy of Harlem, NYC

August 1- October 3, 2014
Junko Collage Show
@espresso 77 Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY

July 20 to October, 2014
@Apollonia Gallery
Group Show
Sunny Side, NY

June 24 to August 13, 2014
OIA Summer Salon Show
@NYU Kimmel Center

April 26 and 27, 2014
Junko Yamada displays 13 works at Cherry Blossom Festival
Brooklyn, NY

April 1-June 13, 2014
"Junko Yamada"
Japan Center of North Carolina State University
Raleigh, NC

June 7 to December, 2014
A work display at Harada Chiropractic center, NYC

June 7 to July 10, 2013
"Group show"
gallery 77
Queens, NY

May 10 to TBD, 2013
gallery 77
Queens, NY

April 27 &28
Sakura Matsuri/Cherry Blossom Festival at Brooklyn Botanic Garden, NY

Jan.19- Feb.8, 2013
"Junko Solo show"
Makari, NYC

"Kyoto paper collage artist show"
@Consulate General of Japan

Nov.5-Dec, 2012
OIA online Salon show

June 28- July 22, 2012
"Mice to Monster"
440 Gallery
Brooklyn, NY

June 21 - July 14, 2012
National Juried Exhibition
First Street Gallery
Chelsea, NY

May 12 - June 10, 2012
The Fourth Annual Woodstock Regional"Far and Wide"
WAAM Museum
Woodstock, NY

Jan.5-29, 2012
The 4th 100 artists exhibition
Ouchi Gallery
Brooklyn, NY

November 4, 2011 to January 22, 2012
Junko Solo show

September 30 to November 29, 2011
NOVO group show
Jackson Heights, NY

September 12-30, 2011
69Th Annual Juried Art Show
(Gold Medal winner)
Salmagundi Art Club, NYC

January 2011 to present
Display 4 art works
Makari, NYC

September 13 to October 18, 2010
"Collage & Construction"
The NY Law School, NYC

August 5, 2010
"OIA Benefit show"
10 West 15th Street, NYC

July 29, 2010 to January 2011
Display 9 pieces of art works at NY state senator, Jose Peralta's new satellite office,
Queens, NY

July 11 to Aug. 13, 2010
"Salon Show"
The NY Law School, NYC

June 11 to December, 2010
"Junko Solo show"
NY State Senator, Jose Peralta's Office, Queens, NY

June 8-July 22, 2010
NY Mercantile Exchange, NYC

April 10-17,2010
"Collage" Solo show
Dumbarton Church Gallery,
George Town
Washington, D.C

March 27 to April 11, 2010
"The Official Artist"
The National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, DC

January 8 to 22, 2010
"Junko Yamada Solo show"
97 Third Avenue,

September 14 to October 9
"A Place to Go"
The NY Law Shool
47 Worth St, NYC

July 10 to 31 '09
"OIA Salon Show"
St.Francis College
182 Remsen St.
Brooklyn, NY

September 22 to October 31, 2008
"Assemblage Collage"
The NY Law School
47 Worth St. NYC

September 8-26, 2008
"Audubon Artists 66th Annual Exhibition"
The Salmagundi Club
47 Fifth Avenue, NYC

July 14 to Aug.15, 2008
"The Salon Show"
The NY Law School
47 Worth Street, NYC

June 22 to Aug.17, 2008
"Support Women Artists
Now, Day 2"
CRS(Center of Remembering & Sharing)
123 4th Ave.2nd Fl. NYC

June 5, 2008
OIA Art Auction
at private penthouse of Mr. David Rheingold, NYC

Jan.5-26, 2008
"Assemblage, Collage, Construction"
St.Francis College
182 Remsen St, Brooklyn, NY

October 3-21,07
"Fall Brush Exhibition"
Pen & Brush, Inc.
16 E. 10th St. NYC

September 10-28
"Audubon Artists 65th Annual Exhibit"
Salmagundi Art Club
47 Fifth Ave, NYC

Aug. 6-28, 2007
"The Salon Show"
St.Francis College
Brooklyn, NY

Jan.29 to March 9, '07
"Great Outdoors"
The NY Law School
47 Worth St. NYC

Dec. 7 to Jan.5, 2007
"Members & Friends"
Gallery 402
19 Husdon St. NYC.

Dec.1 to 3 , 2006
"Postcards from the Edge"
Sikkema Jenkin & Co.
530 West 22nd St.
New York, NY

July 8-Aug.2, 2006
"OIA Salon Show"
St. Francis College
182 Remsen St.
Brooklyn Heights,

May 5-25, 2006
"Assemblage, Collage, Construction"
Gallery 402

Feb.26-Mar.4, 2006
"Student show"
The Art Students League of NY
New York, NY

Feb.16-Mar.4, 2006
Gallery 402
New York, NY

Oct.16-18, 2005
"Postcards from the Edge"
VisualAIDS benefit,Robert Miller Gallery, New York, NY

Oct. 4-28, 2005
"Catharine Lorillad Wolfe Art Club 109th Annual Open Juried Exhibition"
The National Arts Club, NYC

August, 2005
"Projekt30 online Juried Exhibition"

Aug. 9-Sep.7, 2005
The NY Mercantile Exchange, NYC

July 12-Aug.4, 2005
"The Great Outdoors"
Gallery 402, NYC

June 20-July 1, 2005
"28th Annual Juried Exhibition for Non-Members"
(Winsor & Newton Material Award)
The Salmagundi Club, NYC

May 5-21, 2005
Gallery 402,NYC

April 6-23, 2005
"The Salon Show"
Gallery 402, NYC

November 29, 2004 to March 1, 2005
12 Artworks display at Japan Bank for International Cooperation, New York, NY

December 5, 2004
Postcards from the EDGE
, Visual AIDS Benefit, Brent Sikkema Gallery, New York, NY

November 4-17, 2004
Junko Yamada Solo show
The Nippon Club Gallery, New York, NY

November 16, 2003
Post card from EDGE, Visual AIDS Benefit
Galerie Lelong, New York, NY

June26-July15, 2003
Solo Show Junko Yamada
Sushiden Gallery, New York, NY

Dec.1 '02 - Feb. 23 '03
Solo Show Paper Chase
Wave Hill, Rive Dale, NY

July20-August8, 2001
Contemporary Collage Now, A National Juried show.
NEXUS Gallery, NY

Sep.18-Oct.6, 2000
Audubon Artists INC. 58th Annual Exhibition
The Salmagundi Club, NY

Aug. 23-Oct.1, 2000
Paper, Stone and Scissors, Part 1 Paper Works
Target Gallery (Torpedo Factory Art Center), Alexandria, VA

Feb. 3-27, 2000
3rd Annual Juried Show
Gallery West, LTD, Alexandria, VA

Oct. 14-23, 1999
1999 WPA/Corcoran Art Auction
Corcoran Museum, Washington, D.C.

Sep.12-Oct.3, 1999
September All Media Show (Honorable mention)
The Art League Gallery, Alexandria, VA

August 10-28,1999
The Third Annual National Jury Exhibition
Nexus Gallery, New York, NY

August 8-31, 1999
The American Landscape Show
The Art league Gallery, Alexandria, VA

July 7-Aug.7, 1999
Summer Group Show
Artistsí Museum, Washington, D.C.

June 17-July 16
37th Annual IMF Art Exhibition
Gallery of International Monetary Fund (IMF) Bldg.
Washington, D.C.

April 23-May 19,1999
National Jury Exhibition
Cinque Gallery, New York, NY

Feb.18-March 19,1999
4th Jury All Media works Exhibit
Eklektikos Gallery, Washington, D.C.

Jan.10-29, 1999
2nd Annual Jury invitation competition
Gallery West, Alexandria, VA

July 16- Aug.30, 1998
All Media Jury Show (Honorable Mention)
Eklektikos Gallery, Washington, D.C.

June 3-27,1998
My First American Show, a Solo Exhibition comprised of fifty
Original pieces, Artist Museum, Washington, D.C.