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j u n k o   y a m a d a :   c o l l a g e s
Jinushi shrine
Jinushi Shrine is located in the eastern part of Kyoto city. It is very famous as God of marriage.
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By applying modern subject matter and lively colors to a traditional Japanese art form, Junko creates unique works of art on rice paper. These collages are each composed of thousands of pieces of rice paper in the tradition of harie, a style of Japanese art.
"Japanese artists have been using unique, strong papers for centuries, since the Nara period. The Japanese value paper in their art and use it in their daily lives, as evidenced by their furniture and interior design.

"When working with rice paper, the tools that I and other artists employ are the X-acto knife, Yamato glue, rollers, two-sided tape, tweezers, safety pins, tracing paper, drawing pad, and scissors."